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Feed Scarborough, originating in 2018 as a modest initiative distributing holiday hampers, transformed into an essential service during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now serving over 3000 neighbors weekly, the organization addresses escalating community needs.


Amidst food bank closures due to the pandemic, founder Suman Roy mobilized a team, initially funding grocery deliveries to 1000 households left without support. Today, operating five food banks, a mobile healthy meal program, three community gardens, spearheading vaccination initiatives, offering educational programs, and supporting a co-op student program, the organization runs with five dedicated staff, relying on short-term grants, community donations, and committed volunteers.


Their services span South Scarborough, where 150 volunteers assist 4500 residents, including children living in poverty. A unique approach is their recently launched free community grocery store, providing choice to guests through a point-based shopping system, respecting cultural tastes and dietary needs. This model ensures dignity, eliminates stigmatizing lineups, and fosters a warm, welcoming environment for those in need.

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At Feed Scarborough, we empower our community and provide innovative solutions to poverty reduction through dignified access to food. We advocate for and believe that good healthy food is a human right

Feed Scarborough Mission Statement

Partnering with the Feed Scarborough Food Initiative charity holds immense significance for our University of Toronto Charity Fashion Show Club as it aligns perfectly with our commitment to supporting our local community. By collaborating with Feed Scarborough, we can directly impact and contribute to addressing food insecurity in our immediate surroundings. The partnership allows us to channel our passion for fashion and creativity into a meaningful cause, leveraging our platform to raise awareness and vital resources for those in need. Together, we can create a tangible and positive difference in the lives of individuals and families within the city, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity as we strive to make a real impact right here in our community.


For more information, please visit the Feed Scarborough Website

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